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Past Events:

2017 NC State University MFA in Creative Writing Graduate Reading

North Carolina State University:  Wednesday, April 19th 2017, 6:00pm-7:00pm, Thompson Hall.

In 2017, I was happy to read alongside my fellow North Carolina State MFA graduates at the Titmus Theatre in Thompson Hall. You can read more about the event here.

2014 AWP Conference in Seattle, Washington

Space Needle by Julie Gentry/ Public Domain

S288 Writing About Nature in an Unnatural World: Saturday, March 1st, 3:00-4:15-Cedar Room, Sheraton, 2nd Floor

In 2014, I sat with four of Iowa State University’s emerging nature writers on a panel to discuss the challenges of depicting the natural world on an increasingly constructed globe. You can read the event description below:

Writing about Nature in an Unnatural 
 World. (Stefanie Trout, Tony Quick, Claire
 Kruesel, Audrey McCombs, Nicholas
 In the 21st century, few landscapes are
 entirely natural. The human impact on our
 world touch even remote ecosystems. As
 artists, we have a responsibility to
 investigate the implications of our species’
 actions. How do writers accurately portray
 nature in an increasingly unnatural world?
 As poetry, fiction, and nonfiction writers
 and editors, this panel discussion examines
 the full spectrum of environments, from the
 few pristine wilderness regions to urban
 landscapes and the ecotones between.
Fall 2013 VOICES Reading with Tony Quick & Michele K.  Johnson

St. Mary’s College of Maryland: Thursday, November 21st, 8:15pm Daugherty-Palmer Commons

In 2013, I was proud to return to my alma mater, St. Mary’s College of Maryland to share my fiction after a heartfelt introduction from my first fiction professor, Jerry Gabriel. I read alongside Michele K. Johnson, fellow SMCM alumnus, poet, and editor-in-chief of the George Mason University’s feminist literary magazine, So to Speak. You can catch Michele Johnson at AWP 2014 on the panel, So You Want to Change the World: Literary Editors on Writing with a Social Purpose.

You can read an article about the event in the Arts & Entertainment section of The Point News here.


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